Tiger's Eye Bids Necklace f

Tiger’s Eye Bids Necklace for women


Tiger’s eye is a beautiful crystal with yellow and golden band throughout. Tiger’s Eye represents the power, courage, and fearlessness of the tiger.

It stimulates action taking and helps in decision making.


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When you gaze into a Tiger’s Eye Bids Necklace for women your inner higher gazes back at you. Tigers eye is a unique type of chalcedony that’s amber to brown in color with grayish block stripes across its surface. Tiger’s eye woodsy tones make it a popular stone for feminine and masculine accessories. A tiger’s eye bids necklace for women or tiger eye cufflinks can help anyone show off their taste or remind them to embrace their confidence.

Much of the healing properties that Tiger’s eyes contain are a result of ancient times. They believed that it afforded them protection and strength. Ancient Chines credit it with the good fortune to the wearer. In Eastern folklore, tigers depict courage, power, and integrity. These were bestowed by the stone.

This  amazing stone protects its wearer from evil and it is related to wisdom following is the list of Tiger’s Eye healing properties and benefits:

  • Wearing the Tiger’s Eye Gemstone apparently helps improve values of self-esteem and Self-dignity.
  • It also highly relates the qualities of patience and tolerance and other spiritual values.
  • This stone when worn in contact with skin helps and raises the importance of peace with and also improves the wearer’s health.
  • It promotes courage and self-integration.
  • It is a gemstone of the Manipur Chakra and connects one to the abundant energy of Mother Earth.

you can find Tiger eyes from  Australia, South Africa, The USA, and Brazil as well as several other regions.



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