Peridot Stone in Pakistan
Real peridot Stone Ring

Peridot Stone Ring, Real Kohistan Peridot


Real Kohistan Peridot Stone ring, 925 pure silver frame unsex ring.

Gemstone: Peridot

Gemstone Weight: 3 carats

Frame: Sliver

Origin: Dasu Pakistan

Occurrence: Natural

Ring Size: 8500


If you’re in search of a peridot stone ring featuring a real Kohistan peridot specifically designed for men.  You may find what you’re looking for at Silk Route Bazar. Silk Route Bazar is a renowned jewelry retailer known for its wide selection of high-quality gemstones and unique designs.

A peridot stone ring for men is a stylish and distinctive choice. The vibrant green color of the Kohistan peridot stone adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any man’s attire. Whether you prefer a bold statement piece or a more subtle and understated design. Silk Route Bazar is likely to offer a range of options to suit your taste.

The stone, sourced from the mountains of Pakistan, is highly regarded for its exceptional color and clarity. The gemstone’s natural green hue, ranging from vibrant lime green to rich olive green, is captivating and eye-catching. Its clarity is often remarkable, with minimal inclusions and excellent transparency, making it an excellent choice for a centerpiece in a men’s ring.

Silk Route Bazar takes pride in providing authentic and high-quality gemstones. When purchasing a peridot stone ring from them, you can expect a genuine Kohistan peridot stone that has been carefully selected and expertly crafted into a men’s ring. This will give you peace of mind and ensure that you are investing in a genuine and valuable piece of jewelry.

In summary, Silk Route Bazar offers an opportunity to explore a range of rings featuring real Kohistan peridot specifically designed for men. With their reputation for quality and unique designs. They are a reliable choice when it comes to finding a stylish and authentic peridot stone ring


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