Hunza plum Jam

Hunza Plum Jam, Organic Plum Jam


Hunza Plum Jam is the ideal organic Plum jam everyone will love. The best ripened Plum are picked from the fields of Hunza for the best results and pure preserves packed with true fruit flavor and aroma. The superior taste of organic Plum Made from the finest and fresh Plum , our Plum  Jam is a pure taste of life.

Hunza Organic Plum Starting with fresh, delicious, ripe Plum and adding the prefect amount of fresh ingredients to preserve the superior product that you can taste.

Floral Source:  Organic Plum Tree

Taste: Sweet deep taste & a sticky, chewy texture

Color: Purple color with a brownish-gray tinge

Apiary Location: Huza Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan

Harvesting Time: It blooms during the months of  October

Net Weight: 440 gram

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Hunza Plum is a valuable variety from north Pakistan where it grows wild in the Hunza Valley. Delectably Sweet deep taste & a sticky, chewy texture fully ripe Plum are a unique taste treat. Made from the finest Plum, our Plum Jam is a tasty example of pure simplicity.

Our certified trained team gather these Cherries and make a wonderful Natural Jam for our valuable customers.

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Weight 450 g


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