Hunza Dry Apricots
Hunza Dry Apricot

Dry Apricot, Pure and Organic dry apricot from Hunza,


Dry apricots are made by drying apricot fruits. Their water content is evaporated without reducing their nutritive value. It is one of the very famous organic product produced in the northern areas of Pakistan. We collect the high quality and pure dry apricot from Hunza and pack them for our customers.

Dried apricot has many health benefits.

  • It protects eye Health
  • Increases bone mineral density
  • Supplements in weight loss efforts.
  • Boosts skin health and appearance.
  • Promotes healthy blood pressure.


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When apricot are dried the vitamins, minerals and fiber in them become significantly concentrated. Dried apricot are very beneficial for health and are full of nutrients including fiber, Potassium, Iron, and vitamins. It is proven that they may help during pregnancy, improve your eye health and help you I losing weight.  Dry apricots are helpful in increasing bone minerals. These dry fruit  are rich in Potassium, which  improves healthy blood pressure. Vitamins in dry apricot are known to play a vital role in overall skin health and appearance.

72% Vitamin A

5% Calcium

15% Iron

8% Magnesium

5% Vitamin B

1% Vitamin C

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