Dir Knife Horn Made Handle

Dir Chaqu with Bull Horn Handle, Handmade Dir Chaqu


  • Gift Piece
  • Baring Knife
  • Bull Horn handle
  • Charming & stylish look
  • Handmade
  • High Quality

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Dir Chaqu with Bull Horn, If you highly knife enthusiastic or want to gift. A piece high-quality pocket-the-gift piece Dir Chaqu with Bull Horn Handle from Dir is finally available in-store at Silkroutebazar. The Knife is hand-made elegant, and charming in design. c-shaped with a single blade knife. Dir Chaqu is a foldable, and Pocket Knife.

For decades, pocket knives have helped people with everything from cutting rope to saving lives. Whereas,  Their compact design and razor-sharp blades make Dir Chaqu the most versatile tools available. Moreover, with one of these tucked into your pocket, you gain strength, usefulness, and authority. that will help you get any job done at any time.

Everyday uses of  Dir Chaqu:

  • Open Stuff – From boxes and envelopes to bags of charcoal or pet food, there is never a shortage of items that need opening.
  • Cut Things – How many times a day do you have to go hunting around for scissors? Whether it’s a loose thread on your clothing or the insane packaging that exists on almost everything you buy, there will be plenty of times the knife saves the day.
  • Prepare Food- if you are having outdoor activity and preparing food is the thing you need to carry out. And most of the time, this thrice-daily tradition involves some kind of prep work that Dir Chaqu can help you with.
  • Gift Purpose making part of your collection — Dir Knife with Corve design can be a great help.

This Knife is of carbon gray stainless steel and sharpened in a single strand. Further, the knife is equipped with a safety blade rock. Best for hunting, camping, and other outdoor activities.

  • The handle of Dir Chaqu is of wood with the front part where it strikes.
  • You can use it at the same time as the use of a knife and knuckles.
  • High-quality pocket Knife self-defense tool or a valuable piece to add to your collection.


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