Apricot seed, Apricot kernel for wholesale BulkSupply minimum Quantity 40kg


Apricot seed also known as apricot kernel is a very popular organic production of Hunza and other regions of Gilgit-Baltistan. It is single seed covered by stone of apricot fruit. It is believed that apricot kernel  has cancer fighting and detoxe enhancing elements. This seed is very nutritious and beneficial for health. They are full of healthy fats which helps in reducing bad cholesterol. Further apricot kernel oil is also beneficial for skin and hair.

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People believe that apricot kernel have cancer-fighting characters. High percentage of oil is extracted from the seed of apricot and it also contain protein and fiber. This oil is used for cooking same as almond oil  is used. People also use apricot oil for hair, skin care and massage. It relieves aches and pains. You can eat apricot kernel on their own or use them in your favorite dish and deserts.  This seed protects from heart disease and improves mental health you can eat apricot seed raw or can be added to dishes for flavoring it has many nutritious benefits



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