Antique Pendant Lapis Lazuli and Marjan

Antique Pendant Lapis Lazuli and Marjan


This Beautiful Necklace is handmade product of Lapis Lazuli and Margan combination for women. Lapis is a beautiful rock, an aggregate of several minerals, mainly lazurite, pyrite and calcite. Margan the most precious gemstone form of coral therefore it also known as Precious coral.

  • Green – Lapis Lazuli
  • Red – Marjan

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Antique Pendant Lapis Lazuli and Marjan is a beautiful necklace of gemstones. It is made of fine quality large Lapis Lazuli peace. This rich blue lazuli and Marjan piece is handcrafted from natural Lapis and Marjan that was mined in Afghanistan. Besides this, Fancy dark blue and red color beads are used in formation.

Mainly these products contain geometrically square-shaped with round beads connecting silver hooks on both sides. The pendent has superb finishing. With glowing polish which makes it valuable. Also, it is light and easy to wear. simply hold the two sides of the pendant and wrap them around your neck and connect the silver hooks on both sides. The back hooks are strong enough to prevent the falling down of nickels.

Marjan, Lapis pendant for women wear are gemstones that are revered in every religion of the world. It is recommended to be used in special events and parties. Simply wear it and then you will be astonished to hypnotize the viewers. Collectively the product seems too much pretty.

This Antique Pendant Lapis Lazuli and Marjan above all relate to Asian culture. The experts who gained the craftsmanship from their elders prepare such best fashioned decorative elements. In old days craftsmen use to prepare antiques from pure Gold and silvers but nowadays these metals are expensive. That is why in today’s world craftsmen use gemstones and metals which is low in cost


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