Amber Pendent Margan Firoza Bids

Amber Pendent Margan Firoza Bids


Amber is fossilized tree resin that has been appreciated for its color and natural beauty. the Bids are firoza, Margan and Amber bids.

  • Yellowish – Amber
  • Blue – Firoza
  • Red – Marjan


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You can wonder why so many Females use Amber Pendent with Margan and Firoza Bids in jewelry. The answer is that the obvious is that Amber is very old and therefore possesses immense energy.

Many believe that Amber brings with it the stored wisdom of the whole earth and all of the creates of Amber content who lives in it.  Some unique pieces of Amber contain small insects like ants and mosquitos trapped from the Amber started as trees and resin. This gives Amber some powerful magical properties.

Although you will find the warm colors of Amber like yellow, orange, and warm brown tones are the most popular. The warm sun-like color is that many consider Amber to be the stone of the sun. As it’s such as ancient stone, Amber collected quite the folklore over the years. In Asia, it is the call of the tiger and linked to the energy of courage and power. There is no doubt that this stone rouses your spirit. It is known for being a gemstone of renewal. It cleaned space, place, and people. Also can shield you from negative energies too.

Amber is a powerful healer that gives the person who wears it lovely healing and health. It draws disease from the body and balance the right and left sides of the brain. Amber clears depressions, stimulates the intellect, and promotes self-confidence. It encourages decision-making powers, spontaneity and brings wisdom.

As Firoza is stone symbolizes calm, gentleness, and serenity. Protection, meditation, energy, wisdom, honesty, balance, communication, strength, friendship, and love are all enhanced. This stone comes in a variety of blue-bees, including greenish-blue. protects the person from negative influences, while also attracting friendship.

This Marjan above all relates to Asian culture. The experts who gained the craftsmanship from their elders prepare such best fashioned decorative elements. In old days craftsmen use to prepare antiques from pure Gold and silvers but nowadays these metals are expensive. That is why in today’s world craftsmen use gemstones and metals which are low in cost.

so by getting the Amber Pendent with Margan and Firoza Bids you can get the three-in-one benefits.


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