Silk route bazaar is the leading online platform which deals with a diverse products from the region of Gilgit-Baltistan, our platform has products which are hand selected by our retail team and through rigorous inspection we ensure the upmost quality of product is available to our clients .Each of our product is sourced directly from local vendors, from all around Gilgit-Baltistan to ensure that our clients get the best products delivered directly to their doorsteps

Silk Route Bazar has products sourced from local community with years of experience dealing with products such as Dry fruits, Handicrafts, Gemstones, cultural clothing and much more. We ensure that our products are reasonably priced and that customers are satisfied with the Quality of products .

At Silk Route Bazaar we can guarantee that our products are cultivated organically without any use of pesticides or any harmful chemicals. Our gemstones are mined deep from the mountains of Karakuram, Hindukush and Himalayas and are processed by local craftsmen each having their unique design. We source our handcrafts from villages all around Gilgit-Baltistan each handmade and the materials gathered locally.

Our core Values

  •  Products are 100% authentic.
  • Doorstep deliver.
  •  Quality Assured Products
  •  A trustworthy Relationship and secure Platform is to shop online.