Hunza Water


Extremely Boujee organic gifts in the US costs $30 to $35 per 1000g. But, from the Himalayas, you can get the best out of the best in $10, YES! Wondering how! Keep reading.

dry fruits of Hunza

HUNZA in the North of Pakistan you might have heard about produces world-class pure organic foods. Knew about it? Try another one!

Well, here is a secret that every health-conscious individual needs to know; either you are hitting the gym or searching for mouthwatering crispy organic foods for your children and loved ones. Here is the key to unlocking the mystery.

The same region has glacial water that is sold at Amazon for $99 bucks, surprising right!

Dr. Flanagan About The Organic Gifts

Dr. Patrick Flanagan, an American researcher after 35 years of research on the water of Hunza unlocked the mystery water that has crystal energy, the key to the potential of water as the medium for nutrient replenishment and waste removal at the cellular level. The water has life-giving properties and it fights against aging by helping the body remove toxic waste at the cellular level.

You are lucky if you live in or anywhere around Pakistan and have access to the organic gifts the Hunza region has to offer.

The local farmers there use the same glacial water to produce high-quality organics which is sold in the west as a luxurious product.

Gifting life-giving organic products is a bright idea to your friends and family especially during this pandemic. Following are the top five most beneficial organic gifts:

Dried Hunza Apricot

GB Almond  

Sun-Dried Cherries

Sun-Dried Mulberries

Walnut and Walnut Oil

Hunza Water: Secret to the life giving organics

Hunza Water

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