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In the holy month of Ramadan, you might be fasting 13 – 14 hours a day, make sure you are adding all the essential nutrients to your Sehri and Iftar, check out the high-quality collection of Hunza Organics that we are bringing to your doorsteps from the mountains of Gilgit Baltistan, go for products that you do not have at your home to meet all the needs of fasting.

كُلُوا مِنَ الطَّيِّبَاتِ وَاعْمَلُوا صَالِحًا
Eat of the good things and act righteously
(Sūratul Mu’minūn, No.23, Āyat 51)

Walnut Oil
Walnut Oil from Hunza

During the month of Barakats millions of people around the world and Pakistan are fasting. Some fast longer than others, depending on the location timing varies. Residents of Murmansk, Russia are fasting 18 hours a day that’s the longest fasting hours meanwhile residents in Pakistan are fasting 13-15 hours a day depending on location. During such long hours of fasting our bodies require essentials that can help us stay active throughout the day.

The tremendously valuable products are highly recommended during Ramadan due to the presence of Beta-Carotene, V-A and E in given products that not only help to fight against eye-related and ageing disorders but also provides energy throughout the fasting time.

Below are highly beneficial products containing nutrients, minerals and vitamins that help in the regulation of blood flow, prevent heart and coronary related diseases, boost the immune system, and most importantly help you stay active during the month of Ramadan.

Switch to Apricot Oil

Hunza people in the north of Pakistan are known to live the longer and healthier. They are known for their balanced organic diet and Apricot Oil is among those healthy ingredients.

Apricot oil is widely being used all over the world for skin care and hair nourishment, it helps prevent acne, dandruff, and skin cancer.

Few people know apricot oil can also be used in daily diet as healthy food supplanting other unhealthy oils.

Apricot Oil is easy to use in daily diet as a better replacement for many of the counterfeit cooking oil products available in the market.        

Apricot Oil
Pure and Organic Apricot oil of Hunza
Dried, mulberry
Dried Mulberry of Hunza

Add Dried Mulberry To Your Diet 

For thousands of years, the Chinese have been using dried mulberries as a herbal cure for many of the illnesses.

Mulberries are rich in myricetin, rutin, anthocyanins and chlorogenic acid.

Unique in compounds mulberries help in lowering of cholesterol, improve blood sugar control and reduce risk of cancer. Dried mulberries can be taken in desired amount before Sehri and Iftar.


Add Dried Cherries From Hunza Organics

Full of vitamins, high in protein, calories and nutrients dried cherries provide enough energy to stay active throughout the day.

This extremely delicious Hunza Organics snack has various health benefits, it protects against diabetes, provide arthritis relief, lower cholesterol, lowers the risk of gout attacks, antioxidants help fight against ageing, are pain relievers and several other benefits. Dried cherries are a must to add in diet snacks with a lot of health benefits.

Dried Cherry
Pure and organic dried cherry

You might be wondering why the people in Hunza live longer than any other place in Pakistan? What is the secret that they hide in their mountains? Well, the answer is simple! Eat well and exercise well. When it comes to diet the people in Hunza use organic foods; Hunza organics including dried cherries, dried mulberry and apricot oil contain all the vital vitamins and proteins that would help you stay healthy and active even during the days of Ramadan without eating much. Hence, we suggest would suggest you add these vital products for Ramadan to your diet.

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