Benefits of Shilajit
Pure and high quality Shilajit

Benefits of Shilajit

Benefits of Shilajit are known world wide. Shilajit is a sticky material found in the rocks of Himalayas. It is formed by decomposition of plants over centuries. Shilajit has been used as a medicine in Hindi traditional medication style.

It has many health benefits. Some of the major benefits of Silajit for health are discussed briefly below.

Treating Alzheimer

Alzheimer is a mental disease which is specifically related to the problem with memory behavior and thinking. It develops gradually with age and gets worse overtime. Though there are medicines available to treat this disease. Some researchers believe that Shilajit can be helpful in treating Alzheimer due to its molecular decomposition property.

Shilajit contains Fulvic acid, it is an antioxidant. Fulvic acid prevents assembling of Tau protein, a vital part of our nervous; its accumulation can cause damage to brain cell.  Fulvic acid stops inflammation and abnormal assembling of Tau protein and reduces the effect of Alzheimers diseases.

Anti Aging

Shilajit is dense in an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, Fulvic acid. It prevents from radicals formation protect body cells from damaging. So it regular use prevent aging and help in longevity and overall health.

Fighting Anemia

Deficiency of iron in our bodies results anemia. Anemia causes fatigue, weakness cold heat and feet, headache, irregular heartbeats. Shilajit contains iron which can be used as iron supplement to overcome lack of iron in our body cells.

Boosts Immunity

Shilajit helps to boost immunity and protects from various bacterial and viral infections.

Promote Bone Health

Shilajit contains good amount of calcium and helps the body to absorb calcium from other foods. It is a necessary calcium supplements for women and can prevent osteoporosis and keep bones healthy and strong.

Good for skin Health

Shilijit contains good amount of fulvic acid, which enhance our body to absorb essentials nutrients from food which can be helpful in skin care so it prevents aging and keeps skin tighter.

 Shilajit have antioxidants properties due to which it prevents aging process.

Boosts Energy Level 

Shilajit is a good source to boosts energy level. Energy is generated in mitochondria in the cells. Shilajit enhances the function of mitochondria.

Low Testosterone and fertility in male

 According to research Shilajit increase male fertility. For Centuries the Ayurvedic doctors have advice man facing infertility to have shilajit as it is considered safe and natural way to address this issue. Now research also supports it. A research gave 90 man having infertility issue Shilajit twice daily for 90 days, at  the end of the study sperm count increased by 60% and sperm activity increased by 12% in most of them. So it can be taken as a good supplement to overcome infertility challenged in man.

How to Intake Shilagit     

Shilajit is found in powder and liquid form. To get benefits of Shilajit taking it any of the two ways is safe. The recommended quantity of Shaljit is 300mg to 500mg per day. In Liquid form it’s very small portion, size of a grain is dissolved in water and drunk one to three times a day.

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