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Apricot Kernel Health benefits and cure to many diseases

Apricot kernel have proven health benefits. This post might surprise you with interesting facts about Apricot Seed.  Seeds are usually thrown away while eating fruits but there are some fruits whose seeds are very beneficial for good health. Apricot seed is one of them. Apricots kernels are considered very healthiest rich in fatty acid, omega-6s and omega-3s. These are very helpful in maintaining a good health.

One apricot kernel contains;

  • 45-50% oil,

  • 25% protein,

  • 8% carbohydrates

  • 5% fiber

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Source of vitamin B17;

Vitamin B 17 commonly called Amygdalin is naturally occurring nutrient abundantly found in apricots. Our body does not produce vitamin B17 naturally we can enjoy its health benefits by eating vitamin B 17 rich food like apricot kernels. On the average each apricot kernel contains 20 mg of B17. Among all naturally occurring foods apricot kernels contain the highest density of B 17.

Vitamin B17 is an important nutrient. It helps in preventing heart diseases, hair lose, support digestive system and boost immune system. Due to its health benefits it is one of the vital nutrient included in the list of foods to be taken on daily bases.

Lower Blood Pressure and Improves Heart Health

Apricot kernels are dense with vitamin B1, also known as Thiamime. B1 is an essential nutrient to keep blood pressure low. It helps in pumping blood to and from the heart making the flow of blood smooth to and fro the heart thus it keeps the heart healthy and prevent it from any kind of heart failure.

Treat inflammation and Arthritis

Fiber content of apricot kernels has property of absorbing toxic contents that is why it is very useful in treat inflammation. The toxin and acids cause inflammation which can be treat by apricots kernels, the fiber content trap the toxin and acid and remove them.

 Boosts Immune System

Vitamin B17 contained in apricot kernels boost our immune system by killing harmful cells in our body thus it reduces the spread of diseases through these harmful cells.

Improve Eye Health and Vision

Apricot kernels contain Zinc, which prevent poor night vision and slow down age related eye macular degeneration.

Beneficial for Mental Health

Apricot kernels contain omega -3 which help resisting mood swings, violent behaviors and Alzheimer an age related mental disease. 

Improves Skin Health

Apricot kernels contain 45-50 percent oil. This oil is concentrated with fatty acid, vitamin A and E. these nutrients are very beneficial for skin health, so the oil is used to moisturize skin and for the nourishment of dry and mature skin specially. The oil is widely used in cosmetic products for skin care. It is absorbed by the skin easily without leaving any residuals thus reducing the effect of dryness on skin.

Good for Hair Health

The fatty acid, vitamin A and E are makes apricot kernel oil very helpful for hair health. Hair loss due to dryness is very common, apricot oils are used to moisturize the scalp which results in reducing the hair loss. It also brings shine in the follicles of hair.


We can Summarize apricot kernel health benefits as

  • Support Digestive System.
  • Lower Blood Pressure and Improves Heart Health
  • Treat inflammation and Arthritis
  • Boost Immune System
  • Improve Eye Health and Vision
  • Beneficial for Mental Health
  • Improves Skin Health
  • Good for Hair Health

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